One of the first projects to be built entirely on the blockchain Waves, from tokens to smart contract, will become a marketplace of trading algorithms Tradingene created by natives of Troika Dialog, Parallels and Knight Frank. According to representatives of Tradingene, transaction speed and the ability to scale the growth of the project — the main reasons why the project decided to develop it on the platform Waves.

The new technology Waves-NG, announced late last year, allows to process about 6,000 transactions per minute, making Waves is one of the fastest decentralized blockchain platforms and a direct competitor to traditional payment solutions. As noted Tradingene, “Protocol Waves-NG increases the speed of building blocks and allows users to spend a lot of microtransactions without any delays, which are typical of the traditional block chain, the network is able to withstand heavy loads when allocating tokens”.

Tradingene became a member of the incubator Lab Waves in February 2018. Under this partnership, the platform receives the blockchain expertise, technological support tokeneke of the project and integration with the community of Waves in which there are a lot of people interested in tools for managing digital assets, including algorithms.

However, until recently, the Waves had on its site functionality to run smart contracts, which, in turn, are the basis in the activities of Tradingene. Smart contracts will regulate the relationship between developers and investors throughout the entire investment period. They will record the buyer’s selected algorithm, the conditions of his trip, the size of the investment and accepted payment, and will also allow holders of tokens TNG and the creators of the algorithms to agree on the fees and other financial criteria of the transaction in the auction process.

“Smart contracts would allow for the auctioning of trading algorithms is one of the unique features of the platform Tradingene,” said COO and co-founder Sergey Kuzmin.

Start Tradingene scheduled for may 16, 2018, and the smart contracts platform, the Waves will be available to users in April.