American retail chain Walmart has announced a new technology — grid, which will operate on the basis of the distributed registry. She will be able to restrict the supply of electricity and pay for it with cryptocurrency. The company filed a patent application in late 2017

Walmart employees told how this technology can be useful to the user. The decision will help to reduce inefficient use of electricity appliances and other devices. In fact, the system will allow the limited to give each device a certain amount of cryptocurrencies. With its help, the machines will be able to buy the right amount of power for a certain period.

In addition, the device, in case of bad calculations, will be able to “share” cryptocurrency and the energy between them — this will help to maintain the health of the entire system within a certain time. “The transaction will be recorded in the blockchain, and the owner will be able to track which device consumes more power than necessary”, — stated in the patent.

The formulation can be programmed so that it could sell the excess currency or postponed it until next month.