According to the statement of poll, for the first time in Eurasia, the exit poll data was verified using a distributed registry and stored in the blockchain storage. Information is available to view online.

When conducting exit poll — exit poll — presidential elections of the Russian Federation on March 18, has been successfully applied elements of the technology of the distributed registry. This was stated by VTSIOM in its press release. The project involves the storage of data received from surveys, in special blockchain storage, built on the Ethereum platform.

As stated by the General Director of VTSIOM Valery Fyodorov:

“Exit polls not only allows you to know the election results before the official results are summed up and improves visibility and transparency of the elections. But should you trust your own exit polls? Once and for all to remove such questions — and in a global world “postpreda and paknews” they arise inevitably and constantly, we decided to take our exit poll on the blockchain”.

Technological partner of the project was the Agency B2Chain that specializiruetsya on consultations in the field of smart technologies and ICO marketing. Everyone will be able to monitor the progress of the project. For this purpose, all necessary technical information downloaded files, the address of the owner of the contract, the addresses of contract, hash, data, transactions, etc. — are published on a special website Smart ExitPoll.

The Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation, Ella Pamfilova has suggested that in the future the technology of the distributed registry is used directly in the conduct of elections in Russia:

“Maybe the next election we will be on the basis of the blockchain”.

Thus, Russia can claim leadership in certain applications of crypto-technology. Recall that in early March the largest Russian company announced the introduction of cryptocurrency payments for advertising on its platform myTarget. By its actions, the company went against the restraining trend embraced by major IT corporations like Googleи Yandex.