For the development of blockchain technology should be clearly regulated and the creation of conditions for start-UPS and developers. This was stated by a member of the Supervisory Board Ethereum Foundation Vladislav Martynov during the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF-2018).

“Generation of modern developers is very mobile. If something does not suit in the risks or regulatory mechanisms, they quickly decide on a more liberal jurisdiction,” said Martynov. It is important to transform the attitude of society to start-up entrepreneurs and their activities should be encouraged, said Martynov. Now emerging new economy, the expert believes. If the state does not define this new economy, entrepreneurs will leave in a more convenient jurisdiction.

“We urgently need to deal with the educational process on the subject of the blockchain, otherwise you will not be able to export the finished product and get a brain drain. We only have one blockchain Institute prepares engineers, and it is studying 40 students. And China is ready in the near future to issue a million of these engineers,” agreed the founder of Universa Blockchain Platform Alexander Borodich.