VKontakte launched VK Coin, with which users can earn the virtual currency used in VK and to fight for a place in the top of the rich.

ВКонтакте запустила сервис для майнинга VK Coin

Earn coin you can use a special service on the platform VK Apps. For this you need to click on the blue button: each touch brings 0,001 VK Coin. They can be transferred to other players, as well as to spend on “acceleration” — a virtual object by which the currency is credited automatically. In this case, along with his personal account, the user can replenish the balance of the community is enough to start the game from the service, which is installed on the public.

ВКонтакте запустила сервис для майнинга VK Coin

The service works in mobile VK app for iOS and Android and is available here: vk.com/coin

Recall that VK is considering the creation of its own cryptocurrency, the media reported three days ago. In a public presentation it was reported that the collected in this way funds will be used to store, share, exchanged for goods and convert through running last summer VK payment system Pay.

Platform to create services for VK Apps have appeared in 2018. With the help of VK Apps third-party developers create applications, the best of which are published in the catalog, available to the entire audience of the social network from the main menu of the mobile application VK. Services created on the platform does not require installation on the device and loaded Vkontakte.

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