It will take several months, and new bitcoins will appear less and less. This is due to scheduled for 2020, alvingham, that is, a reduction in the remuneration of miners. As the number of new coins will decrease, and to draw from the air they cannot, the demand for bitcoins will increase. It’s funny, but this is already happening — that’s only with certain coins.

In the niche of the cryptocurrency easy enough to destroy the anonymity of the owner of cryptocurrency. To do this, at least enough to send a tiny amount to the account of the user and to follow further orders.

In General, each payment network of Bitcoin you run the risk of being involved in any illegal activity, even without knowing it. After all, you never know exactly what coins you threw and how activities was linked to a particular Bitcoin address to which you later these coins will be sent. In General, there is a problem.

Is there a solution to this problem?

You could say that. In order not to risk their anonymity and security, now investors around the world are willing to pay extra for “virgin” or newly mined BTC, yet never moved from the wallets of miners. The popular social news network Reddit are already being discussed that this trend may cause the formation of a black market bitcoins of the so-called “first pressing”.
The only way to obtain bitcoins that have not been involved in the illegal scenario, and did not come to the attention of government surveillance — is to buy them from a miner who just got them.
Fresh bitcoins are sold even at 10-30 percent more expensive than the market value. This special market is also profitable for the miners, which have recently intensified amid rising prices of Bitcoin and has set a new record Hasrat network.

According to analysts, bitcoins with zero story can appeal to authoritarian regimes like Iran. The government supposedly of these countries can use them to bypass the international embargo.