Hiroshi Mikitani, head of a huge Japanese company Rakuten, the owner of the popular messenger Viber, told reporters that the company is engaged in the study of the question of issuing its own cryptocurrency.

In fact, already developed the name of the currency – Coin Rakuten, the volume of its output and defines the objectives that will be called upon to serve.

By the decision of the Japanese developers, the issue is Coyne will be unlimited. To serve Rakuten Coin will be the strengthening of customer loyalty to the company’s product, which is not only one Viber.

Loyalty program called Super Points was launched a dozen years ago, and with the help of the Rakuten customers have accumulated more than 1 trillion points. If you translate them into the currency you get an impressive amount – $9.1 billion.

Rakuten Coin aims to reduce the costs of the operations of the exchange and to attract foreign system users. The launch is supported by a startup from USA Bitnet Technologies Ltd. The timing of the launch of cryptocurrency in circulation not yet announced. By the way, the Rakuten stores accept payment in bitcoins for the past three years, from March 2015.