If all goes according to plan, its network VeChain will be launched on Saturday 30 June, the day the first masternode form a unit of Genesis, according to Investinblockchain. When preparing to exchange tokens will be written to the location tokens VEN in the Ethereum blockchain.

On July 9 will be released by the client wallet VeChain Thor, two weeks after the launch of the network will begin the exchange of tokens. During the transition to a private blockchain VEN trade on the stock exchanges will be suspended.

Team VeChain aware of the psychological aspect of cost and functionality tokens. Perhaps this contributed to the decision on the promotion when issuing tokens VEN.

For every 1 VEN users will get 100 VET. The owners VEN needs to keep their tokni the purse ERC-20 (for example, MyEtherWallet). A number of exchanges, including Binance, Huobi and Kucoin, announced support for exchange tokens VeChain.

Running your own network is an important step in the development of blockchain-based platform. Ultimately, the success of the application of the platform will depend on the quality and quantity of projects based on this network.

Successful launch can increase community confidence in the project. This, in turn, can be a determining factor for decision to work or not to develop on the platform.

Given the dramatic launch of the EOS blockchain, which not everything went smoothly, the team VeChain, seeks to avoid such problems. Several companies conduct a comprehensive inspection of the network from the security point of view.

It is unknown whether the increase the price of the token on the current bear market, but in the long run the impact should be positive, especially if the network is to develop and enhance their benefits.