Apparently, users of the cryptocurrency is still appreciated a heightened level of privacy Monero. This is evidenced by the number of transactions in the blockchain, which broke the historical maximum. According BitInfocharts, April 30, 2019 on the Monero blockchain was registered 9389 transactions. The number increased from 4425 immediately to 9389 and is equivalent to an increase of 112 percent.

It is worth noting that even during the peak of cryptolibrary in December 2017, the number of transactions on the Monero blockchain does not exceed 7123. Now this record was finally broken.

Source: BitInfoCharts

If you look at the charts MoneroBlocksInfo, you can see slightly fewer — 9249 transaction or 13.87 transaction block.

The transaction cost is reduced Monero

Transaction fees in the network declined to the level since December 2015. Now the average transaction cost is 0.025 USD.

A researcher of the laboratory Monero Research Lab, also responsible for organizing the auditing procedures for introducing bulletproof Dr. Sarang Noter, proposed a new ring signature scheme. It significantly reduces the size of the latter.

According to its report, the size of the ring at the moment is 11, and on a typical 2-input/2-output transaction has 2.54 KB. For verification MLSAG signature takes 13 milliseconds. When using CLSAG on the same transaction need only 1.9 kilobytes of disk space, and signature confirmation will go to 11.1 milliseconds.

That is, the transaction size will be reduced by 25% and the verification time will be reduced by 15 percent.

With the introduction of such a scheme signatures Noter stressed that it all depends on the results of the security analysis, which is not yet completed. As he noted, the code itself is not that difficult.

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