On Tuesday, February 20, unknown user freed 664 000 coins BTG, which lay motionless since the launch of the Bitcoin network Gold last fall. This can lead to the largest single-step increase the supply of coins BTG for the entire short history of the “new digital gold.” It is reported by CCN.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold formed as a result of hard forks, on 24 October last year. The network was launched immediately, but a few weeks later after premine.

The holders of bitcoins have the opportunity to receive the equivalent number of coins BTG. Many were quick to make the necessary actions to obtain new coins in the first week. However, apparently, did not all holders of large sums in bitcoin.

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One of the engineers cryptostroma Blockchain that created the service forks.network associates this transaction with bitcoin Xapo services. In his opinion, the action is committed on the initiative of one of the institutional customers of the popular service.

While it remains a mystery why this unknown captainvalor did not receive the coins BTG before and sold them when the market rate of Bitcoin Gold reached values above $400. Currently, the average rate BTG is located in the neighborhood of $125.

Anyway, Bitcoin is not Gold now called liquid Aldona. In terms of market capitalization coin is on 20 place Coinmarketcap and the daily trading volume BTG barely exceeds $40 million.

The current value of the aforementioned 664 000 coins is $82.7 million Thus, a sudden release of Bitcoin Gold coins on the market is unlikely to have a positive impact on the course of this relatively young cryptocurrency.