Not so long ago the infamous John McAfee has announced that it will grant $100 000 (then $250 000) to anyone who can crack the wallet Bitfi. He claimed that to gain access to the wallet by illegal means is impossible. The hackers have enough weeks to break the “unbreakable” protection.

Danish hacker (or hacker collective) OverSoft said that he got root access – the access with the superuser privileges for the wallet Bitfi. He also patched a hole in the software and can confirm that the purse BitFi still safely connected to the control panel.

Furthermore, Twitter hacker (hackers) can find a clear photo of the purse with the description that it’s tweaked the phone without SIM card and the camera.

Team BitFi did not answer immediately, but her tweet later confirmed the breach. Although the developers have not said that OverSoft or anyone else hacked into the wallet. SEO Bitfi Daniel Kresin sent a kind of cry for help. He announced the second bounty “to help find potential security threat in your device Bitfi.

Interestingly, OverSoft said the company has no plans to pay a bounty of $250 000, it’s just a marketing ploy. And he hacked into the device without buying it. The purse is $120 plus shipping, and as it turned out, they don’t need to possess to work with the application.

McAfee stated that root access is not hacking and that the hacker needs to get out the money to confirm the attack. It is worth noting that root access, super user access means root directory, the ability to manage passwords, replace the codes in the app and do whatever you want.

While the situation is a stalemate. It will be interesting to see how Bitfi will wriggle out of the situation, and will pay the reward to the hacker.