Ukrainian cyber-police arrested a 22-year-old resident of Cherkasy region, who is accused of repeated the sale of malicious software on hacker forums.

The young man passed the virus ON “rent”, receiving payments in bitcoin, according to the official website of postal and telecommunications. The software was designed for “finding vulnerabilities on websites and further unauthorized copying of databases of various web applications” and for “tampering with server hardware from further unauthorized copying of databases that are on it”.

The network names of the arrested hacker was AntonShesar and Сatona. FOR he created himself, he himself was engaged in its sale, after payment by posting a link to download developed virus on the Russian web-site and controlling the virus using remote RDP.

After receiving orders police conducted searches at three places at once and seized computer equipment that was used for remote control of the web resource or malware and also the file with the information of 15 thousand compromised accounts.

Recall that in January, the postal and telecommunications of Ukraine has supported the legalization of cryptocurrencies, and in February in conjunction with Cisco has uncovered a major fraudulent scheme, in the process of implementation which was stolen more than $ 50 million.