Startups Blockstream Satellite goTenna and decided to combine efforts in creating a high-performance service to send bitcoins with no Internet access.

According to these commands, start-up platform for offline bitcoin transactions will become a new step towards the development of the whole blockchain industry.

The project was announced at the conference of the Magical Crypto in new York, in which company Blockstream Satellite and goTenna plan to solve the problem of safe handling of coins, even if their holder does not have access to the world wide web.

As it is proposed to transfer BTC without Internet

For the first time about the need to launch a standalone service for moving bitcoins in cryptosuite talking in mid-2017. In August there was a project initiated by the Blockstream team Satellitе, the essence of which is to rent space satellites.



Announcing Blockstream Satellite: now sending real-time blockchain data from space. Join the #Bitcoin network. …

The developers have proposed to use the earth of the device to provide access to the network of bitcoin is to the citizens of any state. The head of a startup Adam Beck stressed that satellites will actually perform the functions of operators of a bitcoin transaction.

“Through this service anyone from any point of the globe will have free access to the network of bitcoin. This applies, above all, those several billion people who today have no access to the Internet due to its high cost or lack of communication,” — said a top Manager.

What is to be based?

Startups offer to provide access to a bitcoin node goTenna via satellite network Blockstream. This node can be integrated into any bitcoin wallet on Android phones.

However, it should be noted that fully Autonomous to carry out transactions with coins BTC user node goTenna via your smartphone can’t do it. He will have on a uniform mesh, find another user’s satellite system Blockstream, which has access to the Internet, and only through the mediation of the third party will be able to send bitcoins to the recipient.

Similar app launch many other cryptocurrency projects. For example, the developers recently launched Dash service Dash Text, which without access to the Internet, you can send coins via SMS.

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