Justin Sun hinted at a future collaboration with the developers of Ethereum.

“This year you’ll see that TRON is officially partnered with Ethereum to do something good for the industry,” said San without revealing additional details.

Note that the founder of TRON than once positively spoke about Ethereum and its Creator Vitalice Uterine. April 1, he posted the following tweet:

Justin Sun


Love you❤

Vitalik Non-giver of Ether


Toward a brighter tomorrow.

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In comments to the tweet, some users said San Buterin photographed on a background with him solely for the sake of April fools jokes.

Justin Sun



Love you❤

🌊❄💧James Morillo💧❄🌊@pinoyfool

Встроенное видео

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is this a sign that ETH nd TRON will work together near future. 🤔🤔

Clement Gerber@Uptoun

It’s #Aprilfool dude 😅

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However, according to analyst firm Dapp Review, network Tron is far ahead of Ethereum on the volume of transactions is only slightly behind the EOS:

According to analysts, the share TRON has a huge number of applications associated with the gambling. During the first quarter of this year through dApps network Tron were transactions totaling $1.6 billion.

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