On the blockchain of cryptocurrency TRON project launched the first coin. It was a token SEED project Sesameseed.

So far, the new job TRON happen according to plan.

As reported by the official Twitter of the project, based on its blockchain was launched the first coin. And even a little symbolic that it became the token SEED from a cryptocurrency project Sesameseed. Because the seed translates as “seed.” So TRON planted the first seeds of his success.

We will remind that on Friday began a three-day migration of coins and the user’s own blockchain TRON, which was supported by a large number of exchanges. As you can see, the migration was successful.

As successful and start a network. It is reported that the blockchain TRON works 221 active node, but certainly this number will only grow. The rate of production of blocks of relatively low – 32 units per hour. It is also reported that many blocks are empty and some only include one or two transactions.

By the way, in his interview to the Fang, which we wrote about today, acne Buterin spoke negatively about the TRON project. He said if I were grandma, I would be upset if his savings were stored on the TRON.

We’ll know soon who is right – so far, the project seems to be developing normally.