The day of the migration token-TRON Foundation is here, the community is waiting for news that the Fund or Justin San publish in their social networks. Yesterday, the Foundation published the picture that shows the idea of “burning coins”.

Посмотреть изображение в Твиттере

Why burn the coins?

Burning coins means their destruction of the total number that will help the cryptocurrency to increase the cost. TRON has a certain number of coins when a part of the total is burned, the demand remains unchanged, and therefore, presumably, it will positively affect the rate of TRX. This process also prepares the coins for the best technology and encourages investors. It is believed that the company’s goal is to inaugurate a new phase for the network on its own blockchain.

At the time of writing, the migration coin TRX continues and should be completed by the end of the day.

Sesameseed is the first community that gives out coins, they also will burn and TRX.