Vijay Boyapati — cryptomnesia.

Exactly 10 years ago (Friday, 31.10.2008 21:10) Satoshi Nakamoto announced today the creation of Batocina e-mail mailing specialists crypto sphere.

The invention of Satoshi, the most important inovatia in the field of money for 1000 years (and the money is the most important commodity in any society).

The letter below is the link 👇

1/ 10 years ago today (Fri 6:10pm UTC 2008-10-31) Satoshi Nakamoto announced the creation of #Bitcoin to the cryptography mailing list. Satoshi’s creation is the most important innovation to money (itself the most important good in any society) in a thousand years.

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— Vijay Boyapati (@real_vijay) October 31, 2018

DonAlt — capturador.

BTC update.

Today, the bulls need to close above 6380 monthly candle (closes at 3 am GMT).
If they fail, then I have some bad news.
If you come, you will get a great opportunity to long.
The safe approach is to wait for the denouement.

A quick dump down and immediate mercy will be a good sign.

$BTC update:

Today is the day, the bulls need to close the monthly 6380 in the region.
If they don’t manage that that d be pretty bad news.
If we do, an excellent long opportunity.
The safe play is waiting it out.

Quick spike down into the big move up would be my favorite move.

— DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) October 31, 2018

The Dog Crypto — blockchain investor, trader, miner.

I don’t understand this moronic habit of venture capital funds to clap each other on the back in big fees, especially when it comes to ICO.

You raised mlnov 40 $, is it good? What have you built? And what are you going to build?

It is better to talk about it.

I don’t understand this weird VC culture where everyone slaps each other on the back for big raises, especially when it comes to ICOs

You raised $40m, why is that a good thing? What have you built? What are you building?

Let’s talk about that.

— The Crypto Dog📈 (@TheCryptoDog) October 31, 2018

Tuur Demeester, founder Adamant Capital (broker).

Here’s a chart of gold reserves of Central banks. In my opinion in the end, sooner or later Bitcoin will be added: deficient, politically neutral, liquid.

(Currently the total amount of gold reserves of Central banks amounts to $ 1.3 trillion).

Central banks’ physical gold holdings. Imo it’s likely that eventually Bitcoin will be added as well: scarce, politically neutral, liquid.

— Tuur Demeester (@TuurDemeester) October 30, 2018

Pierre Roberge — cryptomnesia.

Hash rate of the entire network of Bitcoin began 2013 today can fit 6U box (Photo in a tweet right).

The entire Bitcoin network hashrate of early 2013 now fits in a 6U case!

— Pierre Roberge (@robep00) October 30, 2018

Alex Krüger is a trader, economist.

Most financial advisers are like used car dealers. They have a very mediocre knowledge of Finance and markets, but they have the skills to carry out the effective advertising of their goods.

Simplicity sells well.

Most financial advisers are like used car salesmen. They have very limited knowledge about finance and markets, yet are able to deliver a basic pitch very effectively. Simplicity sells.

— Alex Krüger 🇦🇷 (@Crypto_Macro) October 30, 2018

Andreas M. Antonopoulos — author of Mastering Bitcoin, “Mastering Ethereum”, Bitcoin educator.

In response to a tweet saying that major news sources disseminated by fake data about the increase of emissions of carbon dioxide and increasing temperature on the planet because of the increasing costs of mining.

Extrapolation for idiots:
“I’m worried about the course of your pregnancy, mA’am. If your such a big tummy at 8 months, then after 2 years you’ll be as big as this room.”

Extrapolation for dummies:

“I am concerned about the progression of your pregnancy madam. If your belly is this big at 8 months, in 2 years you will be as big as this room”

— Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop) October 29, 2018