Mark Beylin — CEO and co-founder of the Network in Bounties.

People keep asking me how Devcon4.
All I can say is:

Devcon in a bear market namnoooogo more fun than Devcon in a bull market. More introspection, more self-critical and more re-analysis.

People keep asking me how I’m enjoying #devcon4 and all I can say is:

Bear market Devcon is waaaaaaay more fun than bull Market Devcon. More introspection, more self-criticism, more iteration.

— Mark Beylin (@MarkBeylin) November 1, 2018

Vitalik Buterin, co — founder of Ethereum.

I think we need someone who could make the analysis of applications built on Ethereum, for people in countries with developing economies. This should be done by people who are close to potential users of such applications.We will make a special Department for them in the next year or sooner.

Dan Hedl — co-founder of Interchange and Picks & Shovels (cryptoservice for institucionales).

The best indicator of the importance of your work is the level and the number of those who are attacking you because of this.
Expect more attacks on Bitcoin.

The best vindication of your work is seeing who attacks you for it. Expect larger attacks on Bitcoin to come.

— Dan Hedl (@danheld) November 7, 2018

Pierre Rochard — the head of the Bitcoin Advisory.

The conspiracy theory bull market: “Tether panic the price up.”

Conspiracy theory bear market: “manipulating the futures price pressure down.”

In my opinion, both sucked from the finger. The price is the price.

Bull market conspiracy theory: “tethers are pumping the price up!!!”

Bear market conspiracy theory: “futures are manipulating the price down!!!”

Both equally derpy imo, the price is the price.

— Pierre Rochard [⚡] (@pierre_rochard) November 6, 2018

Jonny Moe — capturador.

Not sure what to write about market capitalization makes sense, but it is worth paying attention to. Watch Altay.

(A graph of the market capitalization of Bitcoin without the shared marketcap has a similar graph).

Not so sure about charting market caps, but could be a thing. Worth keeping an eye on. $ALTS

— Jonny Moe (@JonnyMoeTrades) November 6, 2018

The Dog Crypto — blockchain investor, trader, miner.

You can hardly anticipate that your investment will make 10x or even 50x. When I take profit at 2x, I always leave some.

Warren Buffett

“You can hardly anticipate holding a bag for 50x, or even a 10x. When I take profit at 2x, I always leave a little in.”

-Warren Buffett

— The Crypto Dog📈 (@TheCryptoDog) November 5, 2018

Moon Overlord — capturador.

Bitcoin 20K a month seems like absolute crazy, last year it seemed exactly the same.

Right now BTC is trading in the same time interval and in the same range before he made his March to 20K
in 2017.

#bitcoin to 20k in a month seems completely insane, it did last year too

We are now trading in the exact same range during the same timeframe before the run to 20k

— Moon Overlord (@MoonOverlord) November 5, 2018

Trace Mayer — host of the podcast Bitcoin Knowledge.

If to be a Hodler last resort was easy, everyone would have been.

You need discipline: mental to analysis, the emotional cycles of the market (when removed from the weak and nedistsiplinirovannim). Therefore, Bitcoin completely fair and brutal in the means for distribution of profit and loss.

If it were easy to be a $BTC Hodler of Last Resort then everyone would .

What is needed: Discipline. For research Mentally & emotionally for price cycles where market weeds out the weak & undisciplined. So, #Bitcoin is extremely fair & brutal tool for allocating gains & losses.

— Trace Mayer (@TraceMayer) November 3, 2018