Analyzing the trends in networks ,it is not difficult to conclude that this week is a hot topic ,a new cryptocurrency Libra from Facebook

Below the data from the analytical platform Santiment

Facebook / libra (1283+ mentions in the last 48 hours)

Below are some reactions from Twitter:

  • I will never use Facebook Zuck Fuck. He’s one of the worst people. He probably even knows how many times you poop
  • Coin Facebook focused on “care in the direction of global corporations.” It will be integrated into Facebook apps (messenger, Whats App, Instagram), PayPal, eBay, Uber and many other platforms that are used daily Fiat corporations. The goal is to distract them from bitcoins and alithinou.
  • I never liked Facebook, never had account. But now I really hate it.

So ,let’s consider the TOP crypto tweets in the last week

1. CME futures Bitcoin show signs of the growing interest of institutional investors.

Open interest in Bitcoin grew by a record 643 of the contract in one day, setting a June 17 new ATH 5311 contracts (equivalent 26555 Bitcoins or $ 250 million).

2. Mohit Sorout — algorithmic trader.

Comments tweet Dog from The Crypto market cycles become clearer the second time and do not need to spend decades on their understanding

Met quite experienced trader shares a few months ago.

And he literally said, “you Guys in 2 years learned everything that it took me more than ten years.”

3 . WhalePanda captainvalor.

We can now use her real name?
Libra is going to call her BBC — Big Brother Coin or Coin of Big Brother.

Just another step to take away your money.

4. Alex Krüger is a trader, economist.

Based on the “carefully” selected words in the whitepaper, the organization Libra Association wants the world to believe that Fiat currency has value, while cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin don’t have it.

Most likely this is a deliberate attack on the crypt to rehabilitate the currency of Libra.

5.CZ Binance , the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

To use the coin Libra from Facebook you don’t have to go through KYC. They have a lot of data in 2 billion people. They know not only your names, passport numbers, addresses, phone numbers. They know about your family members, friends, present and past location, your interests… They know you better than you do. And now they know what’s going on in your wallets. This is the best mechanism to protect against money laundering!

6 cryptotriton, Youtube and blogger.
Some people say that “buy & hold” is for those who do not know how to trade. But really, a good trader should know when the time to trade and when the time for hold. In the current environment hold more lucrative and it was the last 6 months.

7. Loma — technical analyst.

I have a friend — professional trader. He said one thing that stuck in my head when a couple of years ago I made one stupid.

He said, “If you had 10 million dollars, you would be traded as they are now? No? That’s why you have no $ 10 million”.

8. Rand Crypto — trader, investor, analyst.

Unfortunately my thoughts on Binance not very positive.

Even if US residents would receive a special exchange, it is likely to:

— will have access to all the coins
— will have access to margin trading
— will not have access to the IEO
— will have a very corrosive KYC

9.Bevand — angel investor, has founded 5 companies.

Average transaction fees of Bitcoin has increased X20 over three months ( from $0.10 to $2+) and Lightning Netwhork still handle only ~0.1% of daily volume. What does it mean? The bitcoin load more and more — again — and Lightning may not alleviate the situation as no one uses.

10. Alex Krüger is a trader, economist.

Many cryptosecurity really lost a lot of $ in 2018 and are trying to win back losses. The approach to “win back losses” is the standard error path for traders. What is lost, it is lost. Understand it, realize previous losses as part of a learning and move on.

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