The mysterious liquidation of Mt.Gox growing leaves questions on the background of a slight decline in the exchange rate of bitcoin.

In the fall of the BTC I suspect the idle cryptobinding Mt. Gox currently all captainvalor pay attention to the unstable exchange rate value of bitcoin. The reason for this was the unusual movement of scriptaction of the wallets that were previously owned by the holding company of Mt. Gox, which has now ceased to exist.

At the non-existent crypto currency exchange in the accounts are about 160 thousand BTC over several wallets, and 4 cryptocotyle unexpectedly may 12, 2018 gone 8 thousand BTC. Currently, the cost of scriptactive stood at $8200, and the market seems to have stabilized. However, the trajectory of the fall was seen by all capturadora, who saw a five-fold decrease, while the total amount of losses amounted to in the last 24 hours a total of $15 billion.

At the end of April, there was another portion of the discharge of purses from Mt. Gox, which also saw a drop in market capitalization to $15 billion Mt. Gox is looking for solutions to their problems?

It is possible, cryptobinding decided to transfer part of scriptaction one functioning kryptomere. Thus, Mt. Gox is trying to correct the current position by selling scriptactive for US dollars to 26 September to pay off its creditor obligations. There is no accurate confidence that the Trustees of cryptochallenge use this method to solve pre-existing company.

Looks like are moving in the same wallet, but only time can show what is really going on with the upload cryptocell non-functioning site. The South Korean authorities begin to suspect conspiracy, However, a trust management company chosen, most likely, a good time to move huge sums of scriptaction.

At about the same time, the largest crypto currency exchange from South Korea Upbit were subjected to strict regulation from the government, which caused a sharp decline in the value of scriptaction. Regulators in South Korea suspect that Upbit somehow involved in the accounts of Mt. Gox.

It is suspected that there is a mixing accounts of the clients and staff of Upbit crypto currency exchange. Now it’s just a suspicion, as the local South Korean police have reluctantly covers all the action from the RAID on cryptogenic. Analysts believe. That speculative activities on kriptolodzhika caused an instant reaction from the regulators of South Korea.