The recent growth of the stock market became the reason of mass euphoria — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The increase in trading volumes on cryptomeria is only a small part of the total picture. According to analysts, the platform for OTC-transactions Cumberland recently handled 10 different buy orders in just one hour. Everyone was in the amount of 1000 BTC

Hidden trading

Recall, OTC trades are made without the involvement of intermediaries. Buyers and sellers of an asset work directly, therefore, the volume of these trades often do not appear in the overall statistics of the stock market. You should not ignore them, because the OTC trading is a favorite method for accumulating cryptocurrency major players.

Their success the representatives of the Cumberland shared on Twitter.

Analysis of commercial transactions over the Monday revealed a series of large orders (more than 1000 BTC per order) for 1 hour. Most likely it really is buyers against forced liquidation.

It is noteworthy that the majority of buy orders came in the period of growth of the cryptocurrency from 4600 to 5000 dollars. Earlier the company had celebrated the sudden rise in Bitcoin another tweet.

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