In the course of the trial between Kleinman and Wright emerged a new contender for the title of Creator of bitcoin – someone Debo Jurgen étienne Guido, July 22, sent to court of the southern district of Florida handwritten statement which claims to be “true and only Creator of the” Genesis block, which gave rise to the bitcoin network in 2009.

As you know, Craig Wright has long been struggling in court against the heirs of David Kleiman. Those accused Wright in the manipulation of the inheritance of the deceased and awarding him 1.1 million bitcoins.

In his letter to the Florida court of Guido Debo, now living in Belgium, says that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, invented the technology of bitcoin, was the initiator of the Genesis block, the author of the whitepaper and the owner of the email-nickname

Written testimony of Debo court – not the first time when he announced himself as Satoshi. In 2015 he uses the Twitter account @realsatoshin. Debo says that he created PGP key 0x18C09E865EC948A1 signed by inner circle in the person of Hal Finney, Gavin Andresen, Peter Todd, and Vladimir van der Laana, a developer of Bitcoin Core. The last in the comments to the post Debo on Twitter said:

“We are not aware of the messages signed by that key, but it spread along with early bitcoin, so it can be a real key to Satoshi, but still clear in this matter”.

In his letter to the court of Florida Debo stresses that never had contact with the deceased, and Kleiman argues that all the claims of Craig Wright’s authorship of bitcoin about.

On the website Quora Debo recounts his version of the history of bitcoin and explains how he registered the Bitcoin.pdf (whitepaper). In one of the posts Debo writes:

“I was the only person in the world that knows how created and arranged in the Genesis block. My identity is shrouded in speculation and rumors. In fact, my identity is not so important since the project is decentralized and open source”.

It is unclear whether the court of Florida to use the letter Debo against Wright. Version of a Belgian raises questions: in particular, it is striking that the manner of writing Debo is markedly different from the style of Satoshi in numerous letters to the latter. Except for the PGP key, Debo does not provide any evidence of his version, and the theme of the key, as has been said, does not sound convincing.

However, the court took into consideration the letter Debo, considering him worthy of attention – for reasons that are still unknown to us.

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