One of the best projects Consensus 2018, according to business publication Entrepreneur will be given their passports in the framework of the Congress of citizens DECENTURION in Moscow. Each passport holder will be able to count on a minimum income of $ 15,000 dollars a year. Russia, Moscow — DECENTURION, the world’s first blockchain-the state with the economy based on tools of direct democracy, announced the holding of the first Russian Congress of citizens. The main task of the Congress will be confirmation of registration in DECENTURION and issuing of passports to new citizens. Within a welcome initiative, organized the First Russian Congress of citizens DECENTURION, which will be held on July 5 in Moscow. During the event, about 1,000 people will receive passports of citizens DECENTURION and participate in the educational program from the Ministry of Information DECENTURION. Participants will include the ambassadors of different countries, entrepreneurs, investors, the press and the leaders of the Russian blockchain community. To become a citizen DECENTURION, you must register and activate your passport. Next, the system will generate the wallet address and will pay one token to activate the citizenship and obtain a paper copy of a valid passport. Also, the citizen will receive a personal web page in the overall structure of the blockchain state, and guidance on participation in economic activities in the external market. The first passports blockchain-state DECENTURION was given at the Consensus conference in may 2018 in new York. Citizens became known in the industry person, such as Nikolai Evdokimov, the General Director ICOBox, Sonny ray (Sunny Ray), popular canadian-Indian designer and entrepreneur, Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee), the Creator of Litcoin and blockchain enthusiast, Winnie Lingam (Vinny Lingham), the founder of IncuBeta and Civic projects included in the 500 most successful heads of companies, and many others. On the website DECENTURION published a list of the 100 most famous people of the world the blockchain, which is planned to attract to the state. Blockchain-state DECENTURION also presented in the headquarters of the United Nations at an event organized jointly with the Blockchain and the Blockchain for Impact. It was organized by the Commission on Sustainable Development, which was established in the framework of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in 2017 to develop a multisectoral framework for the support of the UN system — along with member States, intergovernmental organizations, the private sector and civil society to use technology on the basis of blockchains to develop local, national and global decisions on the most topical issues of our time. Information about DECENTURION DECENTURION — the world’s first decentralized state, in which Economics, management and communications built on the Blockchain. DECENTURION exists because of the activities of citizens. They do not pay taxes, and DECENTURION free transfers to citizens and their assets in the form of a token-start-UPS entering the market DECENTURION. Resulting from the sale of tokens on the external market liquidity cryptocurrency becomes the profit of the citizen, while in DECENTURION it is not subject to any taxes. Startups use DECENTURION to pass on their tokens to the citizens blockchain state to get a huge audience of millions of potential users, hundreds of thousands of vendors, tens of thousands of citizens involved in the promotion of the project, thousands of professional consultants. Information about the event , the First Russian Congress of citizens DECENTURION date and Time: July 5, 11:00 — 15:00 passport collection: 9:00 — 11:00 Address: Leninskaya Sloboda, 26с11, metro Avtozavodskaya Check the event Page in Facebook Note! The deadline for registering for the event and the acceptance of applications for passports in Moscow —12:00, 2 July 2018. To register. Read more about DECENTURION Website Facebook — Telegram — Twitter Medium — Contact information —