Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on local television that from March 23, all citizens and businesses will be able to start buying Petro for the yuan, ruble, Turkish Lira and euros, as well as for bitcoin, ether and NEM.

Maduro also said that Venezuela’s national cryptocurrency interest in many countries:

Among those who wants to buy Petro company of Venezuela, Colombia, USA, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, Germany, Russia, China, Ecuador, Chile, just out of 133 countries.

Mention US in a number of countries willing to buy Petro, is questionable, given that the President of Donald trump has signed a decree forbidding U.S. citizens to make transactions with the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, and instructed the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin to draft amendments for entry into force.

According to Maduro, 30 days pre-sale Petro was filed approximately 201 000 applications for $5.25 million, “and this is only the beginning.”

The Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency secured, according to the government, oil, gold, diamonds and other national resources, was released on February 20. Then Maduro said that during the pre-sale of currency in the first day received $735 million for This and other statements by the President on the success of the ICO and the actual values Petro criticism from Venezuelan experts and politicians, accusing him of lies and demagogy.

The economy of the South American country stagnating in the background of the political crisis and sanctions by the U.S. and other countries. Now for $1 you can buy 925 43 bolivars, which the day before Maduro announced the denomination of the national currency.