Yesterday nicolás Maduro was allowed to buy a national crypto-currency of Venezuela. Also in the list of currency was Renminbi, Turkish Lira and euros. Out of coins — Bitcoin, Ethereum and It. To increase demand, the President has decided once again to advertise the brainchild of the state.

Attachments in El Petro

Maduro gave his opinion after reports of record established for the proposals of the coins in the global market, according to Izvestia.

Petro is the best investment you can make in Venezuela and in the world.

According to the President, for a month of pre-sales on buying coins filed 201 thousand applications. A total of 5.25 billion dollars.

For further success of cryptocurrency, the authorities have allowed to sell for her estate. Until that green light has got the airlines, which have experienced problems due to the unstable exchange rate of the Bolivar.

The price of one, Petro is at the level of $ 60. The price equated to the price tag of Venezuelan oil.