No matter whether you are among the first users of bitcoin or are an absolute beginner in the crypto industry, you probably wondered who really is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Google will not tell.

A bit of history

Despite the fact that the real identity of the Creator of bitcoin remains a secret, the members of the crypto community still made some assumptions about who might be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Therefore, we will not present complete list of candidates. Besides, they deny that they are the creators of the first cryptocurrency in the world. With the exception of one person…

The Self-Proclaimed Satoshi — Craig Steven Wright. In 2016, seven years later since the creation of bitcoin, Australian scientist in the field of IT and entrepreneur published a blog post (currently unavailable), containing some technical proofs, in an attempt to present himself as the inventor of the cryptocurrency. However, many people urged Wright to provide additional evidence, which he could not do it.


This year the conference Deconomy remembered by many as a question of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin that caused a storm of applause in the hall: “Why that rascal [Craig Wright — DeCenter] allowed to speak at this conference?”.

Later, referring to the Rwandan audience, Wright has boasted that he has more money than the rest of the country to which he was invited to speak:

But the latest scandal connected with Wright, was caused by his appeal to the founder of Bitcoin Gold, Jack Liao, at the conference in Taiwan. When Liao translated the question for the Taiwanese audience, he rudely interrupted Wright, saying: “English, or I’m out”. A few moments after the conflict, he added: “You want my technology was in this country?” But the last word in this conflict has remained the same for Liao: “goodbye, Takashi!”. Wright removed from the hall by his bodyguards and CEO of nChain. Curtain.

Below is the full video of the altercation Wright with Liao:

The reaction of the Twitter community was immediate. Among the criticized Wright for narcissistic behavior was the maker of litecoin Charlie Lee and two others, consisting of Magical Crypto Friends — Excellion and WhalePanda:

Charlie even said that he refused to be present or to speak at any conference that will provide Craig Wright microphone:

Conclusion? Never make statements that can’t prove. And do not oppress members of groups and communities to which you belong.