In 2017, a resident of Lucerne Thomas T. has invested about 50 thousand francs in coin Neos. For the year his status of cryptocurrency increased to 800 thousand francs.

The man decided to protect their assets with a Bank cell. However, they did not find the flash drive and hard disk with the information necessary to manage their crypto, where he kept a cryptocurrency.

Taking the package with the devices, he drove to the supermarket. After that, the drive and the drive disappeared.

“I don’t know whether I forgot it in the car, and someone stole something, or I then left the package,” said the man.

He also noted that no one but he will not be able to use the data to keep the money.

The Swiss have already addressed in law enforcement bodies and has promised to pay the finder of a valuable package of 40 thousand francs as a reward.

Earlier, the media published the story the editor of Wired, Mark Frauenfelder who has tried numerous ways, including hypnosis, to remember the password to your bitcoin wallet.