The cost of a used cryptocurrency equipment in China has nearly doubled in recent weeks due to the leap in prices of bitcoin over the same period. Look at the current situation in the field.

Bullish move that began in mid-April, did specializirovannye device for mining cryptocurrency (asik) is more profitable to operate and therefore more valuable. According to the company TokenInsight working with blockchains, more recently, on April 8, investments in most types of mining hardware is paid from 200 to 350 days.

The rise of bitcoin with low range 4’000 dollars at the beginning of April to more than 5’000 dollars also led to a reduction of the payback period (price asika, divided by his daily earnings) for a few used models to less than 200 days. Michael Zhong, analyst mining in TokenInsight says:

When the payback period appears to be below the 200 days, this causes more miners to feel that there is such a possibility. This further stimulates consumer demand for used models and will lead to a jump in prices at which the payback period will again exceed 200 days.

This market change has an impact on these businessmen, Darius Sharif Samani, independent miner, which owns farms in China and engaged in the sale of equipment. When he started to ask sometime in March, Samani managed to buy a used AntMiner units S9 for $ 140. Created by giant proizvostvo of Asimov, company Bitmain, these machines can perform calculations at a speed of 14 teresah per second (TH/s).

Since then, the price of the same asik rebounded, at least to $ 250, and now to buy the advanced version of AntMiner S9 which generates 14,5 TH/s, will cost more than 280 dollars, while some sellers are asking $ 320 per unit.

New models

It should be noted that while the large manufacturers of equipment for mining released a more powerful device this year, only a few were able to supply ready to sell products in large scale.

For example, Bitewei, in April launched WhatsMiner M20S with a capacity of hashing to 70 TH/s, while consuming just 48 watts of power on the hash. Founder Bitewei Toksin Yang said that from 1’000 to 2’000 of the devices will be available for shipment in may, but orders exceeding 10,000 units are in the stop list until July and August.

Similarly, the miners who bought the newest model InnoSilicon T3 for the price of 1’580 USD with hash power 43 TTN/s, will also have to wait for delivery until June.

Bitmain on the other hand, released their leading AntMiner S17 and S17 Pro in recent months, but the first batch will not be sent until may, and they’re already marked as sold out. Also it seems that Bitmain is delaying some of its products S17, since he sells hash power these machines through contracts cloud mining, as announced on the website of the company.

But no matter how powerful it may seem, these new machines, their payback period is still more than used cars, given their higher cost and the lower price of bitcoin compared to the bull market in 2017. Zhong says:

If the price of bitcoin is not to exceed 8’000 dollars, otherwise the miners will not produce its latest, more powerful equipment on a large scale.

“Manufacturers miners also rely heavily on the price of bitcoin to determine the scale of its production”, — concluded the analyst TokenInsight.

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