In the first hundred Сoinmarketcap growth only two assets, the rest are rapidly losing value. In the afternoon of 5 September 2018 the market was shivering. With $239 billion it fell back to $203 billion All, with such work managed to catch up last week, lost again. For how long?Bitcoin was never able to gain a foothold in the $7500. Now the asset is being traded at $6457. Thus, during the day, the cue ball has lost 12%. It’s not a bad result: most of the top altcoins have lost a fifth of the cost. Ethereum has decreased by 20.13%, EOS — by 22.46%, the Dash, the NEO and Ontology — 22%, OmiseGO — by 24.72%.

What is the cause of the fall of the stock market? Ren Neuner, host of the show “Capturador” on CNBC, said that the thing in the sink a billion dollars in cue with the secret wallet Silk Road. A few days ago, 100 000 BTC were in my wallet, which apparently was unknown to the FBI, began to scatter in different locations.

Now for the good. Tether grows to 0.28% per day. Perhaps now is the most stable of tablconv, which for the past day had transactions in the amount of $4.5 billion.

And now a surprise. After the resumption of acceptance of deposits and withdrawal of Bitcoin Diamond on Binance tokens BCD increased $1.35 to $4,33. Now the asset is being traded at $2,73.