SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson said that the main priority for the Commission on securities of the USA is to protect the interests of investors. In his opinion, the market of digital assets in real time “is full of disturbing events.”

Jackson is confident that inexperienced investors is quite difficult to understand the difference between promising investments in cryptocurrencies and Scam. Especially he is concerned about the frequent cases of fraudulent organization ICO.

“I haven’t seen any of them that would not be securities. Interested in ICO only that they can be used to see how will look our markets without regulation securities. Answer – as the market ICO. We are focused on investor protection, which injures the market. The next thing we have to think in this way – how to make these investments work in accordance with the securities laws,” said Jackson.

He supported the view of the head of the SEC, Jay Clayton and his statement that all tokens in the primary placement of the coins are securities.

Earlier, the head of the Finance Department SEC William Hinman stated that the Agency is ready to make an informed position on ICO. He believes that the development of the blockchain see only the most positive perspectives. The ICO projects are also an important tool that helps the development of alternative methods of doing business.

The Hinman remarked that the conduct of taransay without the sale of securities is simply impossible. Therefore, this trend needs to be regulated according to the wording of the current legislation.