Bitcoin (BTC) in the night of Thursday, July 25, beginning to regain previously lost positions and once again broke the mark of $10,000.

We will remind, in the middle of the week coin weakened due to the transition from traders to wait-and-see tactics. Most of the players now is in anticipation of the meeting of the Federal reserve, which is scheduled for the end of July. Therefore, it is unlikely we will see the breakthrough of bitcoin and other digital assets, while the U.S. regulator will announce its decision on interest rate.

If the rate will be reduced, as observers expect, the demand for the dollar will fall, what and use alternative instruments in the first place, BTC. Bitcoin is unlikely this week will go towards aggressive growth, but the psychological mark of $10,000 must still hold.

At the time of publishing this review, the coin was trading at $10 090, its market capitalization exceeded $179,972 billion.

Also, while the largest altcoins are traded in the green zone. Leaders of growth of the top ten coins of steel the ether (ETH) and EOS, has risen in price in the last 24 hours by 8.27 percent and 11.55% to 221,99 and a 4.53 respectively.

According to the trader under the name Dog Crypto, bitcoin will remain under pressure, which is one of the strongest in 2018. As soon as the coin will prevail (in this the trader does not doubt), we will be able to see her more aggressive jerk.

Another trader Filb Filb also believes that BTC was under pressure. Moreover, according to forecasts of the expert, cryptocurrency can be consolidated even in the face of declining to $6500. Support bitcoin will receive in the case of retention of $10 000, after which his gradual rise to $25 000.

The Crypto Dog📈@TheCryptoDog Replying to @TheCryptoDog

Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s clear I should have waited for a 4HR S/R reclaim, or for price to dwindle to a more sturdy support — this is a horizontal previous weekly resistance from 2018. It’s daunting to share trade set ups with 100k+ people, but I appreciate the accountability.

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