Over the last week, the litecoin price fell by 13% to $64, breaking a line of long-term support.

Only in the last 30 days litecoin dropped by 33%, and investors who continued to hold the asset after halving August 5, wonder how long it will last. The Creator of litecoin Charlie Lee back in mid-July warned that August can be a bad month for Aldona, as the interest of miners to him will decrease dramatically. And he was right – at the end of last week, Hasrat litecoin fell by almost 30%.

However, litecoin remains the fifth largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $4,06 billion.

On the chart of LTC/USD litecoin keeps falling and has broken the rising trendline 2019, which has long served as a reliable podderjkoi. Trading volume increased slightly in the latest round of sales; RSI well below 50, which indicates the oversold of the asset. As a sign of recovery we can expect the return of the RSI back to 50.

Источник: СryptopotatoSource: Сryptopotato

Bitcoin vs litecoin continued to fall below the 2018 minimum level 0,0068 BTC and is currently trading at 0,00666 BTC. This latest price drop has actually become a new 20-month low – a price not seen since Dec 2017. Trading volume also rose sharply during the recent sales. Here the RSI is not oversold, but this, unfortunately, can say that there is a possibility for an even lower drop.

Источник: Сryptopotato