In the Russian Federation created official reception of the Ombudsman on digital transformation – the main task of the new structure will coordinate all issues and cases related to trafficking of cryptocurrencies, the digitalization and IT technologies.

The head of the new office was a businessman Alexander Brooks, who was appointed to the post of public Ombudsman on digital transformation this year, by the decision of the Commissioner under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov.

Alexander Brooks is a graduate of MFTI and founder of GK “MORTON”, he created and led the group of companies “Basis”, and is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of an innovative IT cluster “Festejar”. Brooks is one of the largest developers of Moscow region, the billionaire defendant in the list of Russian billionaires magazine Forbes.

It is known that he has long been investing in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum Streams, according to him, started investing almost immediately after their appearance – “in order to understand the mechanism to take in the theme and begin to create on this basis their projects”. The size of the investment it is never revealed but it is reported that August 2016 Brooks became a partner blockchain accelerator ICO Lab Ecosystem, investing in the project is $10 million.

Besides the fact that Brooks will coordinate the issues related to digitalization, IT and digital currencies, he will be engaged in the digitalization of all political and economic processes, their regulation and certification.

Official digital reception of the Ombudsman on the portal of Technopark ( Through digital reception, which is an information and telecommunications system, businesses may submit reports regarding specific cases requiring protection of their rights or make a request relating to the digital transformation of their business project. All appeals authorized user sees directly, the Ombudsman’s office.

Commenting on the creation of the foster, Brooks said:

“The whole world is moving towards digital transformation. I see my task in that Russian entrepreneurs do not remain on the sidelines of this process changes and implemented all the existing resources of the business.”