Bitcoin has experienced another major milestone, and this we have not seen since November 27, 2017. According To is currently recorded every day over a million active addresses. It’s worth noting that this metric takes into account the number of wallets “from” and/or “to”.

This is the first event noticed Kevin’s Hand. He tweeted the following.

Kevin Rooke@kerooke ·

“nOboDY uSeS BiTcOin”


Посмотреть изображение в Твиттере

Kevin Rooke@kerooke

When Bitcoin first broke 1 million active addresses (Nov 27, 2017), 1 BTC was $9,352 and the median tx fee was $3.23.

Yesterday 1 BTC was $8,230 and the median tx fee was $1.33.

When Bitcoin first crossed the mark of 1 million active addresses (27 November 2017), the price of one BTC was $ 9352 dollar, and the median transaction, the Commission reached 3.23 dollar. Yesterday 1 BTC was worth 8230 dollars, and the median Commission per transaction barely exceeded 1.3 dollars.

Image source: CoinMetrics

And although this doesn’t mean that much in practice, this metric allows you to see the actual unique translations separately from direct transfers with major exchanges. And the fact that the Bitcoin blockchain involved a million unique addresses, says about the positive situation in the market.

For comparison, Uber receives about 14 million trips a day, and Apple in 2017 managed in one day to sell 798877 iPhones. And although it is hardly necessary to compare these figures, an interesting fact that Bitcoin transactions occur some of the largest brands in the world.

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