Choosing bitcoins, businessman pressing touch screen button.

But you have already managed to accumulate at least ten bitcoins? If not, then we have some bad news: in this race you have to race a record number of people by the standards of the stock market. According to observers of the blockchain the main cryptocurrency, the number of wallets with a balance of at least 10 BTC has reached a historic high.

At noon today the Bitcoin is trading at 10 586 dollars. For the past day, the value of the coins rose by 0.3 percent, while its share in total market capitalization for several days remained above 70 percent.

The rich becomes even more

At the beginning of September in the network of Bitcoin were registered more than 157 thousand addresses which were kept at least 10 BTC. According to the analysis of Coin Metrics such wallets are included in the one percent richest cryptocell. The graph below shows the dynamics of growth in their number since the launch of the network of Bitcoin.

Please note that the number of such purses from the beginning of 2017, virtually unchanged (we highlighted this section in red ellipse). Obviously, significant growth of exchange rate of Bitcoin have made it more difficult to accumulate 10 BTC for ordinary people.

Source: Coin Metrics

Currently on 614 500 addresses held from 1 to 10 BTC, while 0.5 percent of the addresses are from 10 to 100 BTC. Note that it is not necessary to associate each purse with one owner. Many cryptomnesia keep their money in parts to minimise damage in the event of a potential hacker attack. Conversely, one wallet of the exchange can house coins many investors.

Analysts IntoTheBlock note that the majority of owners of addresses from “the richest percent” bought their bitcoins at a much lower price in comparison with the current. Overall, 83 percent of all holders of Bitcoin are really in the black. In other words, in the near future is unlikely someone will drain their coins because of the panic, the share in the BTC market capitalization will continue to grow.

Now the popularity of Bitcoin among investors grows, so few people pay attention to altcoins. For the latter, this may turn into oblivion — so says a famous trader Peter Brandt, who predicted the end of the previous bearish trend of Bitcoin. However, even that did not help the main cryptocurrency to take the place of the dollar in the world financial system. She's too volatile, that is, due to abrupt changes of course, ordinary people are unlikely to want to use Bitcoin in everyday life.

In fact, the distribution of funds in the Bitcoin network has a “bitter taste” of inequality. Most of the coins owns less than one percent of all purses. As you can see, the gap “between rich and poor” in the industry of cryptocurrency more seriously than in the world of Fiat money.

On the one hand, all this may seem like a complete injustice. However, the crypt is still not so popular among ordinary people, so you still have a chance to get into the “club of millionaires”. Well, in our cryptcat, of course.