Rumors of a partnership between the NEO currency with Russia led to the fact that the value of the coins increased by about 13 percent. Representatives of the Russian Association of kryptonyte and blockchain noted that currently the issue of the use of the token in calculations remains open, but he shows growth.

Information that RAKIB will send a letter to NEO in Saint-Petersburg, appeared in December of last year. While many traders are talking about the prerequisites for the development of coins, but the auction went according to the usual principle without explicit spikes. Later it turned out that the letter was sent on behalf of Vladimir Putin. The news sparked demand for the coin, causing its rapid growth.

Investors continue to ramp up purchases of asset now. Many analysts say that in the future the coin in Russia can start to use as a full-fledged alternative to the dollar for international payments from countries where nationalized cryptocurrency. Since the beginning of 2019 NEO rose by 20%. Currently, the cost of the token is approximately 9.3 per dollar.

“Moscow can use cryptocurrencies to counter and bypass the us sanctions. In addition, the role of the dollar on the background of such trends will gradually decline, which will also lead to negative consequences for the U.S. currency. For this, the authorities can start to invest in the acquisition of bitcoin and other coins,” — said economist Vladislav Ginko.