The observer for the securities market of Texas issued a Decree on the immediate cessation of operations of the cryptocurrency investment schemes, which tried to attract customers through false endorsement by famous personalities.

Wind Wide Coin – new Scam project

Firm Wind Wide Coin, located in Houston, used to attract attention fake user accounts of public figures like actress Jennifer aniston, Prince Charles and Matti Vanhanen, former Prime Minister of Finland.

Interestingly, the company using photos of famous people, gave them alternative names. So, Jennifer aniston was “Kate, Jennifer,” and Prince Charles “mark Robert”.

In addition, the firm stated that it was in Texas, although in reality it was not so.

The charges against Wide Wind Coin

Wind Wide Coin and its founders are accused of selling unregistered securities and the introduction of investors in error.

The office promised income “with absolute certainty” and said that customers cannot lose their money.

Osep rotunda, Director of the control division Texas State Securities Board, told reporters CoinDesk that Wind Wide Coin “illegal, deceiving and fraudulently offered investments”.

Company shall immediately suspend its operations in Texas. Previously, these instructions were heard by the other two investment schemes to sell unregistered securities in the state.

One of the orders was addressed to a cloud mining scheme BTCRUSH promised the people of Texas guaranteed daily income 4.1%, regardless of the profitability of mining.