The Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Moiseev in conversation with journalists has mentioned about the criminal responsibility for the use of money substitutes, this definition includes digital currency.

According to Moses, the plans now have the option to enter a criminal liability concerning the use of cryptocurrencies

“There will be a period of near four years, but only for collective schemes, which include a large number of objects and volumes”, – said Alexey Moiseev.

The Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance has not reported any specific sales of the digital currency will become a possibility polovogo punishment. Also it remains unclear exactly how government authorities will catch the criminals in illegal activities, as virtually all cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous.

The Ministry of Finance considers that the ban on transactions related to digital currencies may lead to even greater use of them for crimes, specifically for money laundering, payment, drugs or the financing of terrorist organizations.

Previously, we reported that today, to control the cryptocurrency market in the Russian Federation for consideration the State Duma was nominated the draft law “On digital assets.”