The financial conduct authority (FCA) of great Britain recently published the results of two interesting studies, which can help the regulator to understand the potential risks associated with the acquisition and trade cryptocurrencies.

Thus, the study of London Agency Revealing Reality showed that captainvalor, the vast majority are interested to get rich quick. It also became clear that a significant number of capturadora seek to earn as much as possible with the minimum of effort and in the shortest possible time.

The majority of respondents expressed a desire to improve their welfare: they all sought to increase their earnings, and some were looking for ways to get rich quick without having to work.

In addition, the study also showed that the vast majority of respondents feared that they will not be able to jump on the bandwagon of cryptotrading after bitcoin reached its peak in 2017, and sought to buy the currency because it was fashionable.

Another British Agency market research Kantar TNS conducted a survey of over 2,000 British consumers. They answered questions related to awareness, understanding, and preferences associated with the purchase of scriptaction.

The study showed that 70% of people who took part in the survey, did not know what cryptocurrency is or could not give her definition. In addition, only 8% of all owners of digital assets learn something about bitcoin before investing, and every third Respondent never checked the value of their digital asset since its purchase.

Some of those interviewed expressed the desire to purchase a “whole” coin, not realizing that they can buy some part. <...> Many consumers, it seems, believed that investing in tangible assets because of the concepts that are used in krypterade such as “mining” and “coin”.

Typical British investor in the cryptocurrency turned out to be male, aged 20-44 years from the middle and higher class society.

The joint study, which was conducted by the Office of financial supervision, said that a survey cannot be presented as conclusive evidence of the danger of cryptocurrency. In the final report of the Task force on scriptactive, which includes the UK government and the Bank of England, financial observers have highlighted the prohibition of certain derivative digital assets and concluded: “Organizations [involved in the cryptocurrency] should know that Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) at the beginning of 2019 will publish a consultation document devoted to the study of the changes in legislation that could potentially expand the regulatory powers of the FCA to attract new types of scriptaction”.

Authority FCA further expanded the plans of the Task force on cryptocurrency development regulation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.