EOSWebWallet is cryptocurrency wallet open-source that can be used in any browser without installation.

Features of the wallet:

  • the possibility of creating in the wallet your own smart contracts EOS;

  • use the plugin to create anonymous accounts to sites and decentralized applications EOS.

  • support of all activities (actions) of the blockchain EOS, such as delegation, stacking, voting, etc.


All personal data and private keys are stored in the local storage of the browser, so you cannot access them through the server of the project. The team invites everyone to audit the code on the official GitHub account.

Other features of the wallet:

  • the ability to log in via Scatter;

  • support functions delegate/voting/staking;

  • buying/selling a RAM;

  • manage multiple accounts;

  • the EOS display all tokens owned by the user.

The team also tests the EOS-plugin integrated in the browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The plugin will allow you to create anonymous accounts and work sites, and decentralized applications EOS.

EOS Web Wallet and EOS plug-in is a community oriented products, aimed at the development of the ecosystem EOS. The team plans to improve their products and would be grateful for any feedback from users.

CTO project Gregory Vasilkov said:

“The market is growing rapidly, and it would be wrong to focus on something without feedback from the community. For example, now airdrops and airgrabs become relevant when the user chooses the method by which he will be sent tokens. We also can integrate these functions in blizhayshem the future.”


Today EosWebWallet team includes five people, three of whom are developers. CTO project — Gregory Vasyl’kiv, worked for more than 7 years in audit of information security, in particular, developed the Chaingraph.io — audit service smart contracts.

You can learn more about the project on the official websites eoswebwallet.io and eosplugin.io or ask questions in the Telegram group project.