The largest bitcoin mining pool expand operational activities due to generation of ETH and ETC. On 30 August declared the Director of the pool Chuang Jung.

“Many of our customers have requested to add support for broadcast, so for us it was an obvious choice,” he said. “By supporting competitiveness through better [in the market] suggestions for rewards we expect to reach a share of 12% of the total hashing ETH for 12 months.”

Jung talked about some of the characteristics of the ETH-pool, in particular:

  • Reward 0.75 ETH or ETH 2.625 provided that the ankle-block generated in the device pool;
  • Miners can add up to two ankl-blocks from other pools;
  • The distribution of awards will take place according to the scheme of FPPS.

Despite the release ASIC machines for mining Bitmain ether, pool will support GPU – and CPU-Assembly. In addition, the pool will maintain the function of the guide blocks, a dedicated API and will also allow miners to reallocate production capacity in favor of other assets pool, depending on market conditions.

Jung said that the decision to include air in the list generated by the asset pool was made without interference from Bitmain and regardless of the future transfer of the Ethereum blockchain in PoS-Protocol:

“PoS-mechanism does not exclude the possibility of mining. It will become harder to develop the concept of such a pool, because the miners will have to contribute to the pool of ETH-deposits, but we have a lot of experience with wallets and smart contracts in Ethereum, so for us the configuration of the PoS-pool it is possible”.

Jung added that the company is funded by Bitmain also working to incorporate in its portfolio of assets generated token Monero, XMR.