The Commissioner of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the United States, Robert Jackson shared her concerns regarding the IPOs of coins.

Answering the question about digital currencies and ICO, Jackson said that has not yet met the ICO, which would not be the securities. Earlier it said the SEC Chairman Jay Clayton.

Jackson added that the market of digital currencies “is full of disturbing processes,” especially space ICO.

Investors are struggling to understand where the investments, where fraud.

According to Jackson, at the moment, the market ICO is a Prime example of unregulated securities market:

If you are wondering how would the markets without securities regulation if the SEC is not doing their job, then look at the market ICO.

The representative of the Commission noted that the SEC will neither prohibit nor allow initial placement of the coins. Now they are focused on the protection of investors who are suffering from illegal activities in this market.

We intend to explore further ways of resolving these investments, to comply with our securities laws.

In February of this year during meeting of the Commission on securities and commodity futures it was decided that in the first place in regulation in need of projects of ICO and digital currency and a technology of distributed data registry (DLT).

During a hearing in the U.S. House of representatives, the Director of the division of corporate Finance SEC said that the Commission intends to find a balanced approach in regulating the ICO. In addition, the SEC has recognized bitcoin as a means of payment, in contrast to the token-ICO.