The amount of funds raised through the primary offering of coins (ico), has fallen to minimum for last 16 months. According to research company Autonomous Research, in August this year, the company attracted with ICO $326 million is the lowest figure since may of 2017.

For comparison — in the first quarter of 2018, the company attracted an average of about $3 billion every month.

In conducting the ICO companies often use the platform Ethereum: why the rising cost of cryptocurrency ether depends on the amount raised through ICO funds. According to Coindesk, 11 August 2018 live cost $325 for the token, and today, September 11 — $195 per ETH.

At the same time, a research and consulting firm GreySpark Partners has published the results of market research ICO and found that almost half of the projects from the beginning of 2017 has failed to raise funds. With more than 40% of the ICO project has raised more than $1 million.

We also found out that many successful initially the ICO companies eventually proved unprofitable. Representatives from GreySpark Partners believe that in the future the large number of ICO projects will decline. They attribute this to “lack of effort, disillusionment of the public with technical development of projects, fraud, problems in execution and flaws in marketing”.