Today, the energy sector is faced with some formidable challenges, some of which seem close to impossible to be solved. New laws that pose restrictions and force industry players to cope with environmental problems increase the pressure on the cost structures of energy companies tremendously. As a result, the prices for electricity in some countries have almost doubled over the course of the past 10 years. Yet, the stakeholders who suffer the most are the consumers, since the biggest percentage of these costs are carried over to them by the electrical supply companies.

Blockchain has opened some new options for the whole industry by offering the possibility for micro-producers of renewable energy with their own power generators to trade the energy they generate between each other. This is made possible by decentralized marketplaces powered by the blockchain, which offers a fully transparent exchange of information between the parties.

But is that enough? The market share of micro-producers is extremely small and only a few countries around the globe have such energy communities. At the same time, the blockchain projects that enable microgrids to function in favorable market conditions have yet to penetrate the market. Furthermore, there is still much potential to the blockchain that remains to be uncovered. It seems the energy industry still has a long way to go if it will try to cope with the increasing pressure from lawmakers and the environmental damage it continues to inflict.

Recently, a well known company in the German and Austrian energy sector have entered the crypto market by offering its own blockchain solution to some of the most urgent issues in the energy industry that consumers are faced with. We are talking about LCG Energy, a licensed electricity provider and energy contractor with over 11 years of market experience that already serves the needs of over 50.000 customers.

The LCG Energy project

The energy industry has high entry barriers for new companies due to its requirements of high capital investments and strict regulatory framework. Drawing on its long standing experience, vast expertise in energy trading as well as optimization of energy processes and its established technical infrastructure, the LCG Energy company is equipped with the solid foundation of most startups on the blockchain market lack.

After actively researching the blockchain technology and its application to the energy sector over the course of the last two years, LCG Energy has established its plans to create a fully fledged energy ecosystem where consumers will be able to cover their energy needs and obtain energy related services in a decentralized environment. Direct customers of LCG Energy will also be able to pay for their energy consumption with LCG Tokens through the platform at a reduced rate, while participants in the Energy ecosystem LCG who do not have direct access to the services of the company will still be able to invest in energy projects and obtain services from their partners.

Furthermore, LCG Energy plans to integrate the Smart Meter devices the company has been installing with the blockchain technology, which will allow for a transparent digital transfer of information regarding the energy consumption of the user. This way, people will have solid proof of the exact amount of energy they have consumed and will be protected against overpricing. At the same time, digitally transmitted information will allow them for advanced analysis of the consumption data, which will enable the LCG to design Energy energy saving mechanisms tailored to the specific consumer.

The LCG Energy token

The LCG utility token is the main component in the architecture and economy of the LCG Energy ecosystem. Initially, the token will offer users of the LCG Energy platform to obtain various energy related services and will be used as a payment method. In the later stages of the development of the project, the LCG Energy platform will offer investment opportunities in the form of energy projects that are handpicked by LCG Energy and is registered in land registers, which makes them regulated and completely safe from the investor’s standpoint.

LCG is a Utility token released on Ethereum platform according to the ERC20 standard.

  • The number of tokens to be issued: 2,500,000,000 LCG
  • Total for sale: 1,750,000,000 LCG
  • Fiat currencies accepted: USD, EUR
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH)
  • Soft cap: –
  • Hard cap: 1,750,000,000 LCG

The LCG Energy ICO

The token sale will be carried out in three stages: Private-sale, Pre-Sale, Main Sale.

Private sale:

  • Dates: 01.08.2019–31.10.2019
  • Hard cap in Private-Sale: 350,000,000 LCG
  • Minimum Buying Amount: 5000 EUR
  • Bonus on the Private-Sale Stage is 35%


  • Date Pre-Sale: 01.11.2019–31.12.2019
  • Minimum Buying Amount: EUR 1,000
  • Hard Cap: 525,000,000 LCG
  • Bonus on the Pre-Sale Stage is 15%

Main sale:

  • Dates: 01.01.2020–29.02.2020
  • Price: 1 LCG = 0.10 EUR
  • Hard Cap: 875,000,000 LCG

The company plans to dedicate 80% of the proceedings will be used to purchase energy on the open markets drawing on its long standing experience in energy trading. The purchased energy at reduced rates will then be distributed among the community and will build the backbone of the LCG Energy token, protecting it from price volatility. The other 20% will be distributed among marketing and development respectfully.

Currently, the private sale of LCG is ongoing with a 35% bonus on your investment. If you want to become an early adopter of LCG and take part in the transformation of the energy industry , visit