The head of a bitcoin exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong (Brian Armstrong) believes that in the next 5 years in cryptocurrency system is expected to have 1 billion people, despite the fact that now in this area about 40 million users. However, Armstrong predicts growth in the number of new cryptocurrencies and companies launching their own tokens.

“Every open source project, including charities, all organizations have a decentralized type and applications will have their tokens” – said Armstrong.

“Big open question” for the realization of this vision Armstrong considers the approach to the regulation of kryptonyte, and many tokens it sees in securities and is willing to consider their support on the platform Coinbase. And over time, in his opinion, there will be hundreds of millions of tokens – and in the whole cryptocurrency system will grow traditional financial.

“While web 1.0 was concerned with the publication of information, web 2.0 – interaction, web 3.0 will address the issues of transfer values in the Internet, because the Network already has the native currency and entering into the global economy can be quickly created appropriate application”, he added.

Earlier, Armstrong opened a charitable organization that will collect donations in cryptocurrencies to help people without access to banking services.