In mid-January, the authorities of Germany and France decided to conduct a joint analysis of the cryptocurrency’s risks. Then planned to prepare proposals for regulation and to submit their countries colleagues at the March G20 summit. The promised work of the officials have performed.

A new stage in the regulation of cryptocurrency in the world

Information was confirmed by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak, reports RIA. The Finance Ministers of the G20 countries for the first time to discuss the topic of cryptocurrencies, Finance and cyber security.

Cybersecurity and in General the digitalization of the economy — posted the agenda for the first time at the Ministerial level, previously discussed at the expert level in the Council for financial stability. And now, at the request of France and Germany for the regulation and use of high-tech and Finance in the global economy set. It is here new.

According to Storchak, the majority of the representatives of the G20 does not apply to cryptocurrencies as a Fiat. Therefore, Agency staff predicts the pinning of this topic at the summit in the future.

Other issues on the agenda of the event “classic, nothing special”.

Meeting “Big twenty” will be held from 19 to 20 March in Argentina. It is traditionally attended by the Finance Ministers and managers of Central Banks. I hope we don’t discourage people from buying coins.