With the growth of capitalization of the stock market Twitter turns into a bunch of scammers. Scammers leave under each tweet analysts and cryptoexpert messages, which try to steal users ‘ money. Most often the attackers are disguised as accounts of famous people and offer “free” to send a few esters.

The head of the service Jack Dorsey promised to fight with the attackers, however, while the leadership of the social network does not work. According to estimates EtherScamDB, using the so-called stocks on the distribution of coin fraud, a total of abducted 8148 ETH or $ 4.3 million. This writes Bitcoin.com.

How the scams in Twitter

In an attempt to steal users ‘ money scammers create fake accounts of celebrities using their avatars and names. Recently, the cyber criminals even learned how to steal icons verification, as in the case of action on the distribution of air from the face of the Telegram founder Pavel Durov.

Recently, at the suggestion of cheaters caught American publisher Forbes, Laura Shin. She clicked on the link in the tweet, the investment guru and co-founder of hedge Fund Blocktower Ari Paul. The link was a phishing — attackers stole the username and password to the account of the Tire and posted on her behalf the announcement of the distribution of 10 thousand esters of the first ten participants who are ready to send 1 coin to the purse. When the publisher discovered the theft of the account, the scammers have already collected a few coins.

Analysts EtherScamDB offer several ways to recognize scams. Users can check the number of purse subject to a negative feedback through the service Etherscan.io and to carefully examine all the data in the profile and compare them with the original.

Owners of coins should remember that the known participants of the stock market never distribute the air or other coins and, with rare exceptions, do not advertise ICO. This is the main thesis that will allow you to avoid scams in Twitter.