Since the beginning of this year, bitcoin has significantly strengthened its position, if in December 2018 it was trading at around $3200, then by mid-year, the coin has increased to $10,000.

The TV channel CNBC, the former head of the Federal reserve Alan Greenspan said that the current policy of the regulator will inevitably lead to a surge of interest in alternative assets.

In this list expert included not only precious metals, but also the largest cryptocurrency.

Note that a few years ago Alan Greenspan, in contrast, was a staunch opponent of bitcoin and called it a “bubble”.

Now the former head of the Federal reserve is confident that the fed itself creates the conditions under which BTC will be in high demand.

A fatal mistake, the fed will be the introduction of negative interest rates, Greenspan sure. In this case, investors begin EN masse to go with the U.S. stock market and switch to BTC. The same mistake can make the Central Banks and other countries.

For example, the European Central Bank recently refuses to increase the basic rates, which have undermined the attractiveness of local securities market.

Алан Гринспен