Former Director General of the Japanese crypto currency exchange Mt.Gox mark Karpeles published a post on social networks with an apology to users for the closure of the site in 2014.

Customers of the platform for the past four years trying to recover the lost digital currency.

In his message, Karpeles denied the information that it can obtain a huge fortune, if the case of the closure of the platform will be seen in a Japanese court.

Earlier media wrote that Karpeles and his accomplices can get hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoin, if a lawsuit is filed in a Japanese court. In accordance with the laws of Japan, Mt.Gox in case of a lawsuit will have to pay compensation amount at the rate 2014. That is, the year in which was closed Playground.

Karpeles said that under this scenario he could get more than “160 000 bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash” or more than $ 1 billion.

“But I don’t need it. I didn’t plan anything to gain from this bankruptcy. And the fact that today it is possible — it’s just kind of absurd,” said he.

According to him, he is going to support “plan of civil rehabilitation,” by which creditors of Mt.Gox will be able by voting to make a decision about the future of crypto currency exchange.

Recall that in 2014, hackers broke into Mt.Gox. Before the incident, Mt.Gox was one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. He ran 70% of the transaction volume of bitcoins around the world. After a hacker attack, the company announced that it lost 850 000 bitcoins.