Matthew Moody was killed 5 years ago while in a double plane crash while sightseeing flight over the canyon in Chico, California. His father Michael Moody knows that the son mainil bitcoins, which during this time increased in price by 100 times. “He used his home computer to mine bitcoin back when it really was possible.

And we think that he is also holding a few bitcoins,” says Moody, who himself is a programmer in retirement. He doesn’t know how much my son had bitcoins and no key can not access the wallet The company’s popular purse has not commented on this story.

“There is no authority to which to appeal to resolve this issue,” said Nolan Bauerle, Director of cryptocurrency analysis CoinDesk, noting that the bitcoin-as do becomes unavailable after the owner’s death. Moody’s believes that the younger generation should no longer appear in the issue of cryptocurrencies, in particular, in regard to safe storage of funds — both for themselves and for the heirs.